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EL JEFE 2 Yellow

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Product description:

T-shirt from the new collection by Pit Bull West Coast will appeal to all customers looking for a versatile, yet distinctive clothing. T-shirt decorated with a large, kontrastwym print on the front, and a smaller sign on the neck, which draw attention and make it more interesting. Simple styling will look great on any body shape, and free style T-shirt makes it an ideal component of everyday wardrobe. Constructed from high quality cotton T-shirt is extremely comfortable and provides adequate freedom of movement, so check even as the outfit for the training. Insulation Material El Jefe: 100% cotton, G / m 180 Series: Basic Line.

Producer: Pit Bull West Coast
Price: 30.00 EUR 15.00 EUR
Discount: Discount price for next 156 days!
Delivery: In 24 hours

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