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Welcome to Primal mixed martial arts (PMMA) We are a mixed martial arts gym ran by coach Owen Roddy , Owen is a professional cage fighter and fights out of SBG Ireland with a record of 11-4 , he is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and known for his Eminence stand up ability's. Owen has much experience both in the ring and coaching.His kids and teens classes are an excellent way for your child to improve his/her fitness and self confidence and discipline. Why do MMA training ? There are many benefits to training in MMA aside from the obvious self-defence application; you will notice an increase in physical strength, coordination, and stamina develop. You will also notice improvements in your determination, patience, and self-control. The training speeds up the body's metabolism and burns off fat. Eventually, you will notice a decrease in fat, an increase in muscle, and an overall improved sense of well being. Primal MMA styles: STAND UP- Muay Thai, Boxing,Kick Boxing, etc. CLINCH FIGHTING- Wrestling, etc. GROUND FIGHTING- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, etc. Free Trial Classes to suit everyone, That Means You ! Kids and Teens MMA Womens: Combat Cardio Mens: MMA,Boxing,Muay Thai And BJJ Private and Group Sessions Also Available All Beginners Welcome For More Information Please Call 085 714 5233

Trophies: World Champion Cage Contender
Address: Primal MMA, Unit 3B Century Business Park Charlestown Dublin 9 Moble: 085 714 5233


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